Brisbane Air Conditioning Services that Delivers Satisfactory Results

Most people don’t appreciate the significance of air conditioners as central installations in many homes in Brisbane. While some view them as just mere additions, those who value them know that they are useful installations for controlling the circulation of air and regulating the level of temperatures in our homes. To be more effective, air conditioners must be designed properly to match the architecture and outlook of a home and this requires the help of reliable contractors. The Experts Oz can help you with planning, installation, replacements, regular checks, and maintenance of Brisbane air conditioning systems.  We have over 15 years solid experience in installation and maintenance of cooling systems in Brisbane and neighboring locations. We provide tailored installation, regular checks and maintenance, and if need be, we can also fine tune or modify your system so that it can become more effective.

Our Services:

  • Cleaning of split and ducted air cooling systems
  • Modification and restructuring of air conditioning systems to make them more accessible
  • Periodic replacement of air filters and filter driers
  • Replacement of insulation on copper piping when necessary
  • Regular checks on running pressures and temperatures in the system
  • Regular checks on mechanical parts, greasing, and replacement of faulty components.
  • Evaluation on system performance data ( temp, amperage) for efficiency
  • Overall maintenance of equipment and system

We have the experience and resources to undertake a quick, clean, and efficient installation in any part of Brisbane.  Most importantly, the quality of our installations and systems are at par with industry standards. Our in-house planning and design system makes use of computerized simulation software that allows us to deliver a convenient system that caters for your comfort effectively. We value our clients and handle each Brisbane air conditioning installation project with the seriousness it deserves. Therefore, you can rest assured that the completed system will meet your expectations in performance and value for the money that you spend.

Looking to be comfortable all year round in south east Queensland, you have been directed to the right place. At The Experts Oz we are committed to doing everything we can to bring our customers complete comfort as well as saving them money. With 15 years experience we pride ourselves on quality installations as well as prompt service second to none. With The Experts Oz you can have a clear environmental conscience every time you flick the switch. Jeffersonparishcontractors.nets the most environmentally friendly air conditioners, we supply all brands. Also provides regular maintenance of your air conditioners, to make sure you keep saving energy and money.

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